Breakwater Bliss

I met up with an extended family on Sunday evening for some portraits. It was a really nice combination of families with three generations, and everyone was truly lovely to work with! We braved the cold on the beach before getting really ambitious and heading out on the breakwater for some shots. To my (happy) surprise, it wasn't as windy out on the breakwater as it sometimes can be, and therefore gave us a bit of a break from the cold that I had been anticipating. It sure was a beautiful evening, and we squeezed the last little bit of daylight out of the weekend.  It was really nice to meet this family, I really enjoyed our time together!

The "R" girls Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

My last family of the day was the "R" family. I shot these girls last Fall, and it was really lovely to see them again! It's shocking how much children change in the course of a year, and I was amazed at how much bigger these three were! I also enjoyed seeing how personalities had changed and developed since last we met. With Grandma's help to make the girls feel comfortable in front of the camera, I was able to get some lovely shots of all three girls. I look forward to seeing them again one day!

The P Family Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

I met the "P" family for the first time on Saturday.  Their little guy "E" was busy, busy, busy! I enjoyed his energy, and wouldn't you know it, he stopped here and there for some photos! We had a really nice time together, but I think that "E" was happy when I said we were done! I'd say he'd a typical boy in that regard! It was great to meet this family!

The A family Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

As amazing as it is, the sweet, delicate little newborn that I photographed this time last year is now a beautiful little toddler! Little "S" was on a mission to go play with the ducks while we were together, so we made use of the wagon that her parents brought to try to refocus her attention.  "S" was happy and in full toddler go-go-go mode, but I did grab some shots on the run! It was great to see "S" and her parents again, and to get some photos of them all enjoying each other!

Girls just want to have fun Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

I met up with "M" and "T" at the park, and they started out the shoot by telling themselves that, "Models don't feel the cold, they pose through it". Their pep talked must have worked, because these girls looked gorgeous and happy from start to finish. I got some lovely posed shots of the girls before they asked to play in the leaves. In the end, they just wanted to have a fun time. And wouldn't you know it? They looked beautiful even playing in the leaves! It was great to meet these two lovely young ladies and their mother.

The W Children Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

Almost half way through my day Saturday I got to meet the "W" family and photograph their darling kids. Big brother was a typical boy and gave me the usual run of silly faces, but I did get some nice, happy shots in there too! Little sister was a blur of activity and wanted to fill our time together with running through the leaves. Toddlers all seem to have one speed: GO! I enjoyed meeting the family, and photographing their adorable kids! Maybe next time we'll get mom & dad in the shots too!

Little miss P turns two Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

My shoot with little miss "P" was to commemorate her 2nd birthday. Or at least that was the story! In truth, I'm pretty sure they conspired to get me some much needed exercise. "P" was at the top of her game on Saturday, and did many a lap around me as I tried to catch some shots of her at play. She had a blast running through the leaves and playing keep away from me! In the end, I think the shots of her are a pretty good indicator of her personality as she gets ready to turn two! She's a happy, spunky little girl with a tonne of personality! Happy birthday "P"!


Fall leaves and crochet hats Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

My second family on Saturday was the "V" family who I have had the pleasure of photographing several times before. Their four kids are absolutely lovely, and it's always an enjoyable time photographing them. The three youngest kiddos were dressed in some adorable crochet hats, and looked as cute as can be! I told their oldest teenaged son that he really should have worn a crochet hat too, but he just didn't seem interested. I have no idea why! :) I really enjoyed my time with this family (as always!) and look forward to the next time!

The lovely S family Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

Starting off my Saturday of shooting was the "S" family. When I photograph a family for the first time, I never know how the kids are going to take the shoot. I'm always prepared for kids who want to give me a run for my money, but the "S" family was a happy surprise. They were on the playground when I arrived, and I was shocked at how happily the kids left their play when they were told it was time for photos. This was pretty indicative of how the rest of the shoot would go.  All of the kids were perfect models. They looked in all of the right places, (namely toward the camera), and smiled graciously when it was their turn for photos. It's always a joy to shoot a family who makes my job easy, and this family was great!