J & E Spring Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

What a gorgeous day it turned out to be for my mini-session marathon! My first session was with cutie pie "E" and his mama! It's always fun to work with them, and E is always such a character! I absolutely love the way that he adores his mama! It was a fun session, and set the pace for a great day of shooting!

A, G, & T Spring Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

Small children & flowers, they go together so well! "G" & "T" were absolutely gorgeous in their adorable Spring outfits- they belonged in a commercial! Their gorgeous mama tied the ensemble together by looking picture perfect, and everyone was lovely to work with! "G" had her darling little purse filled with flowers by the time our session was over, and she looked super happy about her collection! "T" was far more interested in eating the flowers than collecting them, but he was just as happy nonetheless!

A, R, & A Spring Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

Children are always enjoyable to photograph, but I think toddlers are incredibly fun! Life for a toddler is all about exploring everything they see, and starting to understand the world around them. Little Miss "A" was no exception. She was so sweet with the different flowers that she found, and was completely taken in by a pair of napping ducks.  "A" totally blew my socks off, as not too many 2 year olds  are so good in front of the camera, but she seemed too know exactly what to do! The whole family was really great, and I enjoyed meeting them all!

J, J, T, C, K, & E Spring Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

I must admit, I love to see families grow and change! I have had the pleasure of photographing this family on several occasions, and it's always so nice to see them! The kids are as sweet as can be, and totally have the hang of photos down pat! The kids are all such a joy to photograph, and I have a sneaky suspicion that they all love the camera, as they're all super photogenic!

C, J, & C Spring Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

I had the joy of taking newborn photographs for little Mr. "C" toward the end of last year. It was so good to see him and his parents again this last Saturday! It never fails to amaze me how fast little ones grow, and "C" has grown into such a big guy since we last met!  I absolutely adore photographing families that love each other as much as this family does. It makes my job so worth while!

S, D, A, A, & S: Spring Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

One of my favourite things about photographing families is when I can take a step back from the posing and just capture natural interactions between them. The "P" family was so much fun, and I really enjoyed just watching the kids as they stole sweet little glances at each other, and played with their dad. Photographing this family was really enjoyable, and it was so nice to meet them all!

C, K, S, E, & M Spring Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

I met up with the "M" family towards the end of my mini-session day. It was a really special session as the Grandparents were in town, and were able to be a part of the session! The little girl "S" was such a kick in the pants, and decided right at the beginning of our session that she would call me Valerie (a character from one of her favourite stories). I love the imaginations and carefree natures of children, it always brightens up my day!

C, M, C, & J Spring Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

My last mini-session of the day was with a really nice family that I met up with for the first time! As much as I love photographing young children, there's something very exciting about a family with older children! Everyone looked at the camera, and smiled on cue! Our shoot went really smoothly, and when it was over, it felt like only 5 minutes had passed. Time sure flies when you're having fun!



Suits, dresses, daffodills, and a velvet couch!

I have known the "W" family for about 7 years now.  When I first met this family, Mama "H" wasn't yet pregnant with #2. Today they are a family of 6, with 4 amazing children! It has been a joy to watch this family grow, both in size and in years. The last time I photographed them, their youngest little one was having newborn portraits taken. It's amazing how fast time flies! I adore this family, and was so pleased to be asked to take their family portraits, as well as some much needed couples shots! "H" and her hubby "C" are now celebrating 10 years of marriage! What a beautiful family they have, and what a blessing it is to know them! Happy 10th Anniversary to "H" and "C"! I'm already looking forward to our next session together!



Home again!

What a pleasure it was to photograph our cousin's family, the "B" family, while they were back in Victoria for a visit. They traded in chilly Alberta for the unpredictable weather in Victoria. Thankfully the weather held out for us, and we were able to catch some lovely family photos. It was great to spend a bit of time with them and to see once again the love and the beauty in all of them! Next time we'll have to catch Mr. B too!