Evening photos at the Lagoon

I met up with the "K" family at a nearby beach, and got a chance to squeeze some photos into the last hours of the day.  What a fun family, and so full of love and giggles!  The girls were absolutely precious, and I just loved hearing them laugh as we went along.  It was a bit brisk outside by the time we met up, but that didn't stop the whole family from donning their flip-flops, and the girls their short sleeves!  It was a lovely evening for photos, and I enjoyed every minute of our shoot!

KIV Giveaway

To celebrate my new advertising venture with KIV, and to give something back to the community which has been such a big help to me over the years, I am holding a giveaway exclusively for KIV members.  To enter: leave a comment below with your KIV name- that's all!!



I will be in touch with you shortly! Congratulations!!

Baby love

There's nothing more exciting or precious than a tiny newborn baby!  Baby "G" was such a cutie pie.  At almost 9lbs he was very alert throughout our session, and though we didn't end up with many "sleepy" baby shots, I got the chance to capture his beautiful eyes, and hear all of his sweet newborn sounds.  It was a pleasure to meet baby "G" and to be a part of his first weeks of life!

Family fun

I met up with the "V" family at a local beach, and enjoyed getting some shots of their lovely family.  It was a chilly, windy day, so we had round 2 of photos at a local park.  They are a beautiful family, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them, and to have the pleasure of taking their photographs! I wish them the very best as they await the arrival of their 4th child!

Love is in the air

On a chilly but beautiful evening I had the privilege to photograph D & L on their engagement-eve.  It is always a joy to photograph love in action, and these two were very much in love!  I wish them the very best in their lives together, and in the coming years of wedded bliss!