A few of my favourite people: my lovely boys!

A Fall afternoon at one of our gorgeous local parks provided the perfect opportunity to introduce my kids, to update their photos, and to share them with the world. I have been blessed with 3 boys who keep me on my toes and bring joy to my life.  "T" is my oldest, and though I can hardly believe it, he's about to become a tween.  When did that happen?  He's so incredibly intelligent, and amazes me on a constant basis.  "A" is just a year behind in age, and the goofball of our family. If anyone's ever in need of a laugh, he's more than willing to lend a hand (or a silly face, whatever's needed)!  "S" is getting ready to turn 2 in a few weeks here, and I'm not ready!  I'm sad to see him get big, and will miss his special names and sounds for everything. Thank goodness for the camera, and the ability to capture these moments before we're onto the next stages of life! And thanks to my very special helper (you know who you are!) for snapping a photo of me with Mr. S!

And the world goes 'round!

I had the privilege this week of shooting Fall photos of little miss "E" and her mama.  I always love taking Fall photographs; it is my very favourite season, but this shoot was especially enjoyable.  I have taken more photos of this family than any other, and I'm always blessed to to be asked to take photographs of the next stage in their lives.  I've known E's mom and dad for years now and I've had the distinct pleasure of taking their engagement photos, wedding photos, and maternity photos before beginning my photo-journalistic relationship with their beautiful little girl.  I'm also very excited to meet with them again at the beginning of next year for maternity photos of their new little one on the way!  Thank you for meeting with me once again ladies, it's always wonderful!

A, K, and J Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

My first shoot of the day was with three delightful little girls.  Their mom must keep busy with so much energy running around her! I always enjoy photographing girls as I am surrounded by boys at home, and these three were just darling!  "A" was born to ham it up for the camera, "K" took a bit to warm up, but was super smiley toward the end, and "J" was as sweet as can be.  It was fun to spend time with this family, thanks for coming out to meet me!!

L, K, M & F Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

It's always lovely to meet new families, but I was especially happy to meet this family who crossed the Malahat for photos on Sat. "K" and "L" were simply lovely, and their daughters "M" and "F" were as sweet as can be!  We started the shoot in a tree, so it was bound to be a great session!  It was great to spend a bit of time with your family while you were in town, thank you for making the effort!


T, C, and M Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

"T" and "C" brought their sweet little guy "M" out to the park on Saturday, and we had some fun taking photos!  "M" was such a great baby to work with, and kept the peek-a-boo game going with me for the whole shoot.  I simply adore his two middle teeth when he smiles! And his red hair was so sweet! "T" and "C" came prepared with some great ideas for shots, and so we made the most of our time together, and snapped lots of photos! Thanks for coming out to meet me, it was wonderful to meet you all!

D, W, and B Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

"D "& "W" met me at the park with their little guy "B" dressed to the nines! They were such a happy family, and very eager to get the shots I wanted. Not every family jumps at the chance to lay on the slightly damp ground and keep a smile on their faces, but this family blew me away- they nailed it! Little "B" was full of smiles, but even when he wasn't smiling, his gorgeous blue eyes and darling dimples made the shots work! Thanks for your time guys, it was lovely to meet you!

Little "R" Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Child Photographer}

Little "R" had a solo session with me the last Sat, and gave me quite a workout! "R" was interested in everything about the park: the ducks, the pond, and running all around! At 15 months, he had no interest in sitting for the camera, he was a man on a mission: to have fun! It was like a game of camera tag, running around the park with him, trying to stay one step ahead with the camera, and as games should be, it was a lot of fun! "R" was so adorable with his deep brown eyes, and his fabulous red hair, but it all came together when he smiled, what a doll he is! Thanks mom for bringing "R" to meet with me!

A, G, & T Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

My last baby of the day was little "T" who came to the park with his mom "A" and sister "G".  The kids were simply lovely, and had the most gorgeous big brown eyes!  Little "T" spent most of the shoot trying to eat all of the leaves, but he did stop several times, long enough to flash a killer smile! "G" wasn't too sure about the whole idea of posing for the camera, but she was a trooper and humoured me while I kept clicking away.  The kids were simply adorable, and at the end of the shoot, I even got a few photos of them with their beautiful Mom. Thanks for meeting up with me guys!

G, G, L & M Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

My last shoot of the day was with a delightful family.  The kids: "L" and "M" were chatty right from the get go, and were so sweet telling me all about their special toys that came to the park with them.  The highlight of the shoot was when the family tossed leaves around. It's always fantastic to hear laughter and giggles while shooting.  I'm not sure who was having more fun, the kids, or their parents!  It was a great way to cap off the day of shooting.

J&E Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

My first session of the day was with "J" and her darling daughter "E".  I really enjoyed taking photos of this pair, as they clearly not only loved each other, but really had fun together too!  Little Ms. E reminded my of a young Elizabeth Shue, and was completely spunky and fun to boot.  I always enjoy it when the kids that I photograph take charge and find the perfect spot to sit or they suggest fun things that they want to do.  "E" did this, and more.  She and her lovely mama started my day off wonderfully, and set the pace for a great day!