Sugar, spice, and everything nice!

I met the "S" family for the first time last weekend. They had two darling little girls who were the epitome of sweetness. I have no doubt they're always that way at home too! Big sister "M" was absolutely adorable, and was as sweet as can be with her baby sister. Little "H" was full of smiles, and it took a lot of restraint to keep myself from taking her home with me! The whole "W" family was absolutely the cutest family, and made my job super easy. The hardest part was deciding which photos to use! Thanks for meeting up with me "S" family, it was wonderful to meet you!


Daffodils, sticks, and Mario!

It's always such a pleasure to shoot sessions for return clients.  I met up with the "W" family for my first mini-session of the day, and took photos of their adorable kiddos!  It's amazing to see how much the kids have grown since I last took photos of them in the Fall. The kids were absolutely adorable with big brother carrying around a couple of  flowers, and little sister enjoying a stick that was just her size!  Big brother has a great smile, but shied away from the camera for a good portion of our session. In the end, dad brought out the big guns and got the giggles rolling by talking about Mario and Donkey Kong. All it took was talk of the Wii, and Mr. "I" climbed out of his shell for some fun photos! Little sister was so sweet, and was so much more grown up than our last session! Instead of running after her for photos like last session, she smiled sweetly and made the session fly by. I had a great time shooting these two, and hope their Spring is filled with lots of flowers, sticks, and Mario!