The "B" Family Fall Mini-Portrait Session {Victoria, BC Family Photographer}

I met the "B" family for the very first time on Saturday. They were picture perfect, all matching and gorgeous! The first shot I took, everyone was poised, and looking their best, quite a feat for a 3 child family! The boys were cool as cucumbers until I had them throw some leaves around! That must have uncorked their energy, because after that they were busy, busy! Nothing is more fun for kids than crispy leaves,a nd the two boys had a rediculous amount of fun tossing them around, and onto their little sister. :) Little sister was so tolerant though, and had her own fun with the leaves. It was a really fun shoot, and one that reminded me of time with my own 3 busy kidlets! Thanks for letting me photograph your family T, you were lovely to work with!

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