Spring Mini Sessions 2013

It's that time of year already! Spring is upon us, and we are being flooded by blossoms popping through the ground! That must mean it's time for Spring mini-shoots!

This year I'm changing things up a bit.

First of all, the mini-sessions are going to be 15 minutes in length. Second, I will be including a $20 print credit in the session fee. This way, you will have beautiful prints of your family to display within weeks of your session. I am also including web-sized files of each print ordered so that you have an electronic version to email and share. Finally, I will be providing a custom Facebook cover photo to highlight your session.

Also new this season: I am requiring that the $50 retainer (session fee) be paid at the time of booking. Unfortunately, over the past few years, I have had a fair number of no-shows for my mini-session marathons. I have also had wait-lists for people who hope to fill a last minute-opening, but I can't offer a no-show spot until it is too late to get in touch with my wait-list. In order to make sure that the spots are valued, and given to those people who are invested in the session, I am requiring that the entire session fee be paid up-front. This can be done via Paypal, credit card, or you can contact me for other arrangements. I hope that you can all understand my reasoning behind this new policy.

The available times are as follows:

April 6th:
10:00-10:15*am- Reserved
10:20-10:35*am- Reserved
10:40-10:55*am- Reserved
11:00-11:15*am- AVAILABLE
11:20-11:35*am- Reserved
11:40-11:55*am- Reserved
12:00-12:15*pm- AVAILABLE
12:20-12:35*pm- AVAILABLE
12:40-12:55*pm- AVAILABLE

April 20th:
12:00-12:15*pm- RESERVED
12:20-12:35*pm- RESERVED
12:40-12:55*pm- RESERVED
1:00-1:15*pm- RESERVED
1:20-1:35*pm- RESERVED
1:40-1:55*pm- RESERVED
2:00-2:15*pm- RESERVED
2:20-2:35*pm- RESERVED
2:40-2:55*pm - RESERVED

*5 minute breaks are designed for one session to move and another to get into position so I can have a full 15 minutes to photograph your family.

****If all spots are not filled I may ask that you change your change your time so that there isn't a large gap.

-These spots are first come, first serve. I will try to accommodate your requests, but I will keep an updated list of available times, and will edit them as reservations are made.

-As time is limited during mini-shoots, there is a 6 person limit, though you can email me if your situation requires more people per session and we can discuss details from there.

-Wardrobes should reflect personality and should be clothes that you are comfortable in. If this means that your whole family matches, great! Otherwise, mix and matched bright clothing always allows for beautiful photos. Please refrain from wearing clothing with logos or characters on them as this will distract from you and your family in the photographs.

-Please show up at least 10 minutes prior to your session. This keeps everyone on schedule. Small children and their parents alike don't like being delayed.

-No wardrobe changes.

-If you have any questions at all, or if you would like to see my product price list, please feel free to email me at: bibbphoto@gmail.com

Thank you!!

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