And now for something completely different!

I admit, I love shooting people. I love to shoot babies, children, couples, and families. I love to watch my clients' families grow and I love meeting the new family members when they arrive. I love to get phone calls or emails from families who I have never shot before, asking me to take photos for them. And I am tickled pink when I hear from those who I have already worked with, inviting me back into their lives to capture them again. There isn't much that I don't love about photography!

Sometimes though, I forget to slow down and take notice of my surroundings.  To notice the beautiful city that I live in, and to invest myself in noticing the finer details of the streets.

I was invited, by a local photographer that I know, to join her as she met with a group of other local photographers in order to take a photo walk. The photo walk, Clickin' Walk, was organized in our beautiful city of Victoria by two lovely local ladies who happen to be amazing photographers. I admit, I was a bit nervous at the thought of wandering downtown, in search of subjects to shoot, but it didn't take long for me to sign up for the opportunity!

Clickin' Walk 2012 was a wonderful time, though the number in our group was a bit smaller than we anticipated. I had the opportunity to walk the streets of beautiful Victoria with 3 other photographers, who happened to be great company! I thoroughly enjoyed my time on our photo walk today, and thought I would share some of my favourite shots with you!

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