6 days old and full of smiles!

This week I met up with "E" and "I" and their gorgeous newborn baby "S". Baby "S' seemed to be born for photos.  She was perfectly alert when we began our time together, and I was able to catch some sweet wide-eyed photos before she fell asleep.  While sleeping she posed perfectly for some sleeping shots, even snoozing through her wardrobe change. All the while she would burst into smiles, (almost always when I wasn't shooting closeups)!  I was very happy in the end to have caught a couple of her darling smiles!  She also had the sweetest little baby feet, and as anyone who has seen my business card knows, I have a soft spot for newbie feet! The natural light was absolutely perfect for our indoor shoot, and I was able to avoid my arch nemesis: the flash.  E & I: you are wonderful parents already!  Congratulations on baby "S"!

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V's W/ K said...

Congratulations to you both! I am so happy for you! S is so beautiful, and Bibb Photo did you 3 great justice... an adorable new family. Take care. :)