It's almost like being in Hawaii!

The very best compliments a photographer can receive are to be recommended to friends and family, and to be hired again! When I was contacted by "Y", asking me to take family portraits for her extended family I was incredibly touched; both of her daughters have been clients of mine in the past. I had been toying with the idea of returning from my mat leave, and this was the perfect opportunity to get back in the saddle!  After several months away from photography to welcome our newest family member, it was wonderful to be back behind the lens! The three generations of family members were absolutely lovely to work with, and I especially enjoyed little "C", with his adorable independence, and his older cousin "L", who is such a character! I really enjoyed meeting Grandma and Grandpa as well! They had brought matching shirts back from Hawaii for the boys, and we made sure to get a "Hawaii shirt" photo with their Papa. The best part was the patch of bamboo we found to take the photos with. It was almost like being in Hawaii!
It was so great to work with you again "C", "J", and "P"! Thank you for inviting me into your lives once again, you're fabulous!




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