Empressed by the beauty

I made a pretty big decision last year, that it would be my last year taking on weddings. I have enjoyed every wedding that I have been asked to take part in as a photographer, and am thankful for the families I have met along the way!  However, I felt that I needed more time to commit to family sessions. I know that children, families and couples are the type of photography sessions that I really want to take on full time. But there was one last hurrah before I said goodbye to weddings. My sister, who lives in the UK and got married over there just a few days before Christmas, asked me to take bridal portraits and reception photographs for herself and her new husband: my new brother-in-law here in Victoria! The portraits were to be taken at the reception venue: the Empress. It was an absolutely gorgeous reception, only upstaged by the bride and groom, who were wearing 18th century themed wedding attire. I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend this afternoon with them, and to document such a wonderfully important day!

I will only be sharing this one single photo, which I feel speaks volumes of the love and passion that these two special people feel for one another. The rest will be going to the bride and groom for approval before they choose which they would like to share with the world. 

Congratulations to these two amazing people!

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