Trees and smiles

Saturday started out as a cold, rainy, and dreary day. My first appointment of the day was cancelled due to rain, but I had my afternoon appointment in front of me!  I mentioned on my facebook wall that I was excited about my afternoon shoot at the Empress, and then I made my fatal mistake: I called it "fool proof".  I was meeting up with "J" and "S" along with their adorable son "L".  They were ready for me when I arrived at the Empress, and everything seemed wonderful!  I had photographed "L" alongside his beautiful mama earlier in the year, and was looking forward to his big gorgeous smiles. We got some family shots and some shots of "L" checking out some trees before heading downstairs to see some more trees.  This would be the moment that my external flash died. After several battery changes, and no luck breathing life back into it, we abandoned the festive hallway, and finished up the rest of our shoot outdoors. "J", "S", and "L" were very sweet and accommodating.  I suppose the moral of this shoot was that even when things go awry, everything will be fine so long as you're with great people!  I hope you enjoy your preview "J" and "S", you guys were fabulous despite the circumstances!

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