A few of my favourite people: my lovely boys!

A Fall afternoon at one of our gorgeous local parks provided the perfect opportunity to introduce my kids, to update their photos, and to share them with the world. I have been blessed with 3 boys who keep me on my toes and bring joy to my life.  "T" is my oldest, and though I can hardly believe it, he's about to become a tween.  When did that happen?  He's so incredibly intelligent, and amazes me on a constant basis.  "A" is just a year behind in age, and the goofball of our family. If anyone's ever in need of a laugh, he's more than willing to lend a hand (or a silly face, whatever's needed)!  "S" is getting ready to turn 2 in a few weeks here, and I'm not ready!  I'm sad to see him get big, and will miss his special names and sounds for everything. Thank goodness for the camera, and the ability to capture these moments before we're onto the next stages of life! And thanks to my very special helper (you know who you are!) for snapping a photo of me with Mr. S!

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